Piedmont Regional Jail provides weekly in-house commissary to all inmates.  All monies must be posted prior to 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning in order to be available for commissary purchases.  All in-house orders are deducted from the inmate’s account on Monday. Piedmont Regional Jail also provides out-house commissary through Keefe Commissary Network.  Inmates can place these orders via phone, 9:00 a.m. Saturday through 9:00 p.m. Sunday.  Commissary is delivered to inmates throughout the week by schedule based on their housing unit location.


Delivering and Accepting Funds

Inmates can accept funds by:

1. Mail (postal money orders only)

2. In person at the front desk (cash or postal money order only)

3. Lobby kiosk (accepts cash: $5, $10. $20. $50, $100).
You can deposit to commissary account or prepaid phone account.  $2.50 processing fee applies.

4. Online at
You can deposit to commissary account or pre-paid phone account (fee applies).

5. Telephone:
Call 888-988-4PMT (4768) for Commissary Account
Call 814-949-3303 for Pre-paid Phone Account
Accepts MasterCard or Visa credit or debit cards

Note: for some deposits, the caller will need:
Facility site I.D. #: 31
Inmate’s first & last name and date of birth


Telephone Use

Inmates have two options when placing calls:

1. Through the debit system which allows the inmate to make calls using the funds on his or her account.

2. Collect calls, in which a payment plan needs to be set up by the party receiving the calls.
A payment plan may be set up by family and friends for the inmate by calling: 1-814-949-3303 or by visiting

Each inmate is allowed ten numbers on his or her phone list.

If your number has become blocked and you wish to unblock it, please call Piedmont Regional Jail at (434) 392-1601 and ask to speak to the Watch Commander on duty.


Work Release / Home Electronic Monitoring

Both programs must by approved by the court for inmates to become eligible.  Piedmont Regional Jail will determine if inmates are eligible based on the following rules:

1. Inmates sentence must be less than 18 months.

2. The inmate’s crime must be non-violent

3. The inmate’s place of employment must have a current business license.

4. No outstanding detainers.

5. The inmate must provide his or her own transportation.

6. The inmate must pass a drug test.

7. The inmate will only be allowed to work six days per week.

*Cost for Work Release is $220.00 upfront and $90.00per week to stay on work release.

* Cost for Home Electronic Monitoring is $500.00 upfront and $115.00 per week.  ($500.00 cost covers sign up fee and first three weeks)

* Home Electronic Monitoring requires a land line in the home without and features and the telephone must have a cord.


For more information, contact Deborah Baker on Wednesdays between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at (434) 392-1601 Ext 223.

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