Piedmont Regional Jail holds its second graduation ceremony for the Successful Living Program

Piedmont Regional Jail Authority held its second Graduation Ceremony of its evidence-based re-entry program Successful Living on December 12, 2022.

In partnership with Crossroads Community Service Board, the 12 week evidence-based re-entry program helps male and female offenders to learn strategies to overcome barriers that lead to substance abuse and managing triggers. The Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program is a critical component. The Piedmont Regional Jail Authority encourages offenders to participate in re-entry and educational programs offered at the facility to aid in becoming functional law abiding citizens upon release.

The program is facilitated by Mr. George Davis, a licensed counselor at Crossroads Community Service Board along with Longwood Intern Ms. Colleen Gleason. The keynote speaker Dr. Melba Moore (Director of Cross Roads) gave a very inspiring speech to the graduates. During the speech Dre. Moore gave the graduates words to remember for guidance. “See it, Say it, Believe it, Work for it.” She also encouraged the offenders to stay focused on what’s ahead and, “Do not look in the rearview mirror.”

Piedmont Regional Jail goal is to aid in people becoming better and to provide lasting public safety.