PRJA offers VA Driver’s Education class to offenders

Piedmont Regional Jail provides those offenders without a valid Driver’s License an opportunity to better prepare themselves for return to his/her community. The driver’s education classes are being facilitated by Mr. Eric Paul of Transition Solutions Enterprise located in Blackstone, Virginia. Mr. Paul began classes March 3, 2023 for both male and female offenders. Mr. Paul is a Certified Driver’s Education Instructor and offers the classes two (2) days per month for each group. The classes serve to educate offenders with revoked, suspended or expired Driver’s Licenses and make it easier for them to become licensed once they return their communities. Possessing a valid Driver’s License will assist the offender in seeking and maintaining employment. This is one of several re-entry initiatives that will better prepare the offenders for success upon their release.


Pictured with female offenders participating in the class (L-R): Superintendent Jerry Townsend, Mr. Eric Paul, Officer J. Copeland, Major Lanay Walker, Sergeant Debbie Robinson, and Mrs. Bridgett Tisdale


Pictured with male offenders participating in the class (L-R): Mr. Eric Paul, Officer J. Copeland, Sergeant Debbie Robinson, Major Royal Eanes, Major Lanay Walker, Mrs. Bridgett Tisdale, and Superintendent Jerry Townsend