How We Began

In the early 1980s, there were three small, antiquated jails in the six counties. These jails did not meet recertification standards, and each held 50 to 100% over its rated capacity. Because of this, many offenders had to be incarcerated outside of the six-county area.

The overcrowded conditions, the costs of building individual county jails, and the poor physical conditions of the existing jails were recognized by an ad hoc committee. They decided there was a need for a regional jail.

Subsequently, each county appointed two members to serve on the Piedmont Regional Jail Board. A contractual agreement was created between the counties and approved by all six county boards of supervisors. Piedmont Regional Jail Authority opened on May 11, 1988, with the capacity to house 101 male and female offenders.

PRJ under construction

Piedmont Regional Jail Today

After several facility expansions, Piedmont Regional Jail Authority has increased its staffing needs and offender capacity significantly. Today, the facility employs over 100 individuals and currently houses a maximum of 600 male and female offenders, including U.S. Marshal offenders and state and local offenders.

Piedmont regional jail facility overview

Who We Are

Piedmont Regional Jail Authority is a minimum- to high-security facility located in Farmville, VA that serves the counties of Amelia, Buckingham, Cumberland, Lunenburg, Nottoway, and Prince Edward. In addition, we contract beds with the US Marshal Service and counties such as Culpeper.

Over the past three decades, Piedmont Regional Jail Authority has been consistently recognized as the original regional jail facility in Virginia. The facility was expanded two times adding additional dorms and bed space. The third and most recent expansion introduced a modern and needed intake and processing area. 

Staff strive to treat all individuals with respect while maintaining security. Creating a path to release for offenders through modeling the positive behaviors and sound evidence-based programs to reduce recidivism. We maintain our facility in a clean hygienic manner and strive to keep the facility in good repair. Staff realize that the facility must change with the times to keep up with new technologies, emerging practices, and new laws. Staff accomplish many challenging tasks through teamwork and training.

The Piedmont Regional Jail strives to meet the needs of the Offenders, Staff, and Community. This partnership ensures that we continue to provide a total service to our community and creates a rewarding and safe environment for all.  

We couldn’t be prouder of these distinctions.


Eagle mural

Mission Statement

Piedmont Regional Jail employees shall ensure offenders are treated humanely and respectfully at all times while modeling positive behaviors. We shall maintain a safe, secure, sanitary, and healthy environment. We shall provide opportunities for staff personal and professional growth. Offenders will be encouraged to participate in evidence-based programs, educational classes, and reentry services that will aid in the reduction of recidivism. Piedmont Regional Jail shall comply with Board of Corrections Standards, local, state, and federal laws while ensuring fiscal responsibility.


Piedmont Regional Jail strives to become a trendsetter in innovation by implementing new initiatives in jail operations. We will ensure all voices are heard in the decision-making process. We will provide programs for offenders based on research and proven to produce positive outcomes. Piedmont Regional Jail shall be a workplace where all employees feel safe and supported while fostering teamwork to create a rewarding environment for all.