Offender Phone Calls

Jail Phone System

Telephone Use

Offenders may keep in touch with friends, family, and legal aid by phone. Each offender is allowed 10 numbers on his or her phone list. The following two options are available to offenders when placing calls:

  1. Offenders can place calls through the debit system, which allows the offender to make calls using the funds in his or her account.
  2. Offenders can make collect calls, for which a payment plan must be set up by the party receiving the calls.

Family and friends may set up a payment plan for the offender by calling: 1-814-949-3303 or by visiting Deposits can be made directly into an inmate’s account by visiting (ViaPath).

If your number is blocked and you wish to unblock it, please call Piedmont Regional Jail at (434) 392-1601 and ask to speak to the Watch Commander on duty.